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Name: Adjustable Drawing Table
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CategoryName: Drawing Tables
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MEHREGAN Adjustable Drawing Table



Heavy-duty STEEL Frame Stand

Quality thick solid chip board with all round PVC trim

Sturdy and dependable for variety of use

Adjustable angle (up to 65 degree)

Adjustable height (up to 40cm)

Pen tray

Ideal for where space is limited

Board Size  (60 x 90), (80 x 120), and (100 x 150)


Mehregan Drawing Table with stand and board

Mehregan Drawing table with stand and board features

 Mehregan stand for drawing tables




Mehregan Drawing Table Board Size

 Board sizes for drawing tables

Boards for Drawing tables

Product Description

Mehregan Adjustable Drawing Table is made of heavy-guage steel that has high quality superior strength.

Combines a strong thick solid boards offers plenty of surface for drawing or drafting, all exclusively made for Mehregan.

Mehregan Drawing Table offers fully adjustable height for the needs of the professional, student, and anyone with drawing or drafting profession.

Large tarp tray for pen, pencils and other tools for drawing.

Adjustable angle from up to 45 degree; allowing find the perfect position best for each project and also for different user.

Fixing kit for installation included.

Ready to export with export packaging.


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