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Name: Aluminium Frame Magnetic Whiteboards
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CategoryName: Magnetic Whiteboards
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Aluminium Frame Magnetic Whiteboards



Imported Taiwanese & Korean high performance magnetic whiteboard sheets

Smoother top quality magnetic boards

All edges and corners fixed with safety cap

Sturdy Aluminium frame

Boards Size about 60 x 80 includes whiteboard marker pen tray


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Product Description

Hard wearing magnetic sheets used for all the whiteboards, which is guaranteed for 1 year under normal use.

Combines a strong aluminium frame with a safety plastic corner caps, which all exclusively made for Mehregan.

All of the whiteboard sheets are smooth for writing ( less whiteboard marker drag), and also user friendly for dry-erase the marker.

Large and stable whiteboard marker tray included for all boards size above 60 x 90.

Our whiteboards are made to last long by using high quality painted steel sheets, all imported.

Whiteboards sizes above 60 x 90 includes mehregan fixing kit for installation on the wall.

In order to use the whiteboards in best possible condition, please use Mehregan whiteboard cleaner spray which are essential for long-term maintenance of the whiteboard sheets.

All whiteboards manufactured by Mehregan has the ability for user to use the magnets (Magnetic dry-wipe sheets).

Imported Korean whiteboard sheets use in our dry-wipe board & dry-erase board for size 125 x 250.


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