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About Pishgam Novin Momtaz

Founded in 2002, Pishgam Novin Momtaz have established an excellent reputation for high quality manufacturing based in Tehran - Iran.

Pishgam Novin Momtaz focussed primarily on teaching - office and presentation supplies such as noticeboards, magnetic whiteboards, drafting table, drawing table, greenboard, bulletin boards, dry wipe boards, dry erase boards, Chalk boards, black boards, and many other related products.
We also evolved to become a preferred quality supplier to most educational establishments, government bodies and commercial organizations.


The Momtaz business Philosophy

Innovation in Design

Use of High Quality raw material

Manufactured using the most modern technology, in accordance with international standards

Manufactured in Iran for better business prosper of small & Medium businesses

Total Customer Satisfaction with Simple terms and conditions

Warranty and After Sales Services

Proudly Made in Iran


About Momtaz Products

Over the last few years Momtaz has established high manufacturing standards of whiteboards - drywipe boards with high quality imported whiteboards sheets from Taiwan and South Korea, Additionally Momtaz also manufactured other products like noticeboards, bulletin boards, drafting table, drawing table, light table, whiteboards stands, chalk boards, greenboards, and many other related products, beside high standard of order processing, customer service, after sales services to our customers with competitive prices, all in all this high quality standards would not be possible with a help of our customers due to constant contacts and cater their special needs for making a final products at highest quality possible.

Your order will be delivered promptly with assurance of our friendly and efficient service.

Using high quality raw material, Momtaz carefully design the products with all possible aspects: being easy to use, and simple beautiful design.

All Momtaz products are ready to export with light weight export packaging.


export packaging in storage area Iran

products with export packaging


to protect the products during the transportation we do all the possible ways to stop damaging the shipment.

all of the Momtaz products equipped with information sticker with barcode.

Momtaz barcode export label

Momtaz barcode-sticker sample


1 year Warranty & After-Sales Services (Normal Usage)

Some of Momtaz products such as, whiteboard stands, magnetic mobile whiteboards, drafting table, and other items included a assembly instructions in English, Persian, Arabic or customized according to customer order


Assembly instructions for Momtaz Managerial whiteboard


Momtaz accept customize products based on customers requirement and details.


Why use Whiteboard "dry-wipe board" ?

In mid-1990s that is when the whiteboards popularity increased dramatically in classrooms, when concern over allergies and other health risks raised by using chalk for blackboards "Chalkboards", which motivated all Schools and Universities switch to whiteboards.

Whiteboard sheet

There are always different type of whiteboard invented or become into production all over the world, but there are few types of commonly used in the market.


A whiteboard color-infused paper " whiteboard color layer " which always added to different type of plywood such as MDF board. this type of sheet are normally none magnetic and the quality vary due to wide range of quality available in the market. typically these whiteboards cost less famous being the low cost whiteboard which some will fail of too much ghosting on the board, these type commonly found in use in non-institutional places.

Steel Whiteboard sheets (Painted steel sheet)

coated steel (painted steel) are dry-wipe and  have extensive type and also different quality.

these type of surfaces tend to be smoother and dry ease for easily wipe the whiteboard marker, which are also magnetic at most cases. depending on manufacturer of these painted surface they are different methods and layer of coatings used for a cleaner, whiter, smoother surface. "A" Grade painted steel has superior dry-wipe properties, which in most cases will be able to clean permanent marker from the surface, these sheets are magnetic and accepts magnet, but surface can get scratched easily if not take care of. all in all quality always depends on raw material used. those aluminum surfaces are rarely produced, which are more expensive and use only as a sports equipments for team manager and also hospitals and other usage.

Ceramic laminate

Most of Ceramic laminate manufacturer uses different type of ceramic and resin quality which are available at high price tags but one of the feature are highly resistant to whiteboard marker staining and there are available only with lifetime warranty on the market.

Procelain, Ceramic Steel, Enamel Steel and etc

These surfaces available with different type of procedure to make and they are consider the most durable high quality material and offer a lifetime warranty in most cases. some of the great features of these type of whiteboards are they are highly scratch-resistant, do not absorb whiteboard marker or permanent marker ink. accepts magnet. these sheets are always have different type and quality and always registered by company producer and patent by them for exclusive usage, at very high price tag.


Why Momtaz Whiteboard ?

Extremely smooth surface, dry-wipe easily with whiteboard marker

Aluminum Framed

Aluminum whiteboard marker tray for size bigger than (60 * 90)

protective framed edges with safety cap in all corners

Magnetic board

Installation fixing kit (hanger hooks, etc)

Imported Taiwanese whiteboard sheets (Made in Taiwan)

larger industrial aluminum framed for large sizes

longer life expectancy compare to MDF resin whiteboards

Export packaging, available at very reasonable price

Korean whiteboard sheets for size 125 * 250 (Made in Korea)

1 year warranty and After-Sales Service


Momtaz visit to various local and international exhibitions, Momtaz also participate in various local exhibitions.


International exhibitions and Iranian exhibitions website links


2. paperworld - messe frankfurt


4. MIDDLE EAST - COATINGS SHOW 2012 - The Coatings Group



7. ETPEX 2012 - Educational Technology & Products Exhibition ( Exhibitor)


9. FUNEX 2010



Our Client & Customers

Some of our Customers (Websites)

Sharif University of Technology


Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Operation Co (Tehran Metro)

Azad Univeresity Karaj Branch

Azad University Central Tehran Branch





Azad University, Mashhad Branch

Pars Special Economic Energy Zone

National IT Organization

Central Bank


Bank Melli Iran

BMI Hospital

Mellat Bank

Rasul Hospital





Hamedan City Hall


Mofid Hospital

Zahra Hospital




Iranian Certificate & Permit for Momtaz




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